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Monday, April 19

Eleven days to deadline for filing T1 personal tax returns

Days elapsed since William Parker orchestra recorded Sunrise in the Tone World - approximately 9,190

10:28 AM MT


I am working on the response to Sachin’s question about the F. Haden from Haden Dental Services return and having difficulty finding the purchase documents in the master file I need to reconcile everything and get it off my screen. I have to answer a quick email from Michael 2 asking for an edit of some wording he wrote for an appendix on the Barton Medical Group draft filing but have to write to Jimmy for some advice on how to represent the car lease for the son listed as a casual employee on disability for one-third of the tax year  because he dealt with a similar issue on the Dhaliwal Allergy and Asthma Clinic return two tax years ago, and I will end up not taking his advice but it will help me think of how to proceed.

I am stuck on Sachin’s question and have the Haden schedule 4 open but am having trouble reading it, so I take five minutes to research which spaces were recorded for Francisco Lopez’ Buildings New York album on the V2-Archief label from the Netherlands which I have been meaning to purchase as well as his collaboration with Amy Denio on Belle Confusion 00 on his own Absolute imprint, but recalled that the Through the Looking Glass five cd compilation on Kairos which I have been meaning to get includes all of Buildings New York and MVRIP from Russian with 100 percent positive feedback and who I have bought from before is

still listing a sealed copy for 25 euros plus shipping.


Discogs says the original Buildings New York has a sixteen-page booklet and I always read all of Lopez’ notes carefully, but have been wavering because the Kairos box has a 40-page booklet that might include all the information from the original issue but may be filled out with photos and blank pages. I take a moment to see if Discogs has a scan of either booklet so I can cross reference them but neither one is listed so I might have to take a leap of faith and get the box, check the notes and if it’s a new essay I can follow up and buy the original Buildings New York later. Discogs has four copies listed, none sealed but all are listed as near mint and I can always follow up straight with V2_Archief to see if they still have new copies in stock.


I add the box to my cart and check if MVRIP lists any other Lopez albums. He has 31 albums answering a search of Lopez including the ten cd Nowhere – Short Pieces 1983 to 2003 artist edition which includes a five-inch vinyl record and is limited to 100 copies, one of which is calmly residing in my apartment atop a shelf dedicated to noise and electronic boxes, with the Merzbow Houjoue six cd set from Dirter Promotions on one side and I don’t recall* on the other. He doesn’t list BC 00 but does have a sealed copy of Wind (Patagonia) which I also drop my cart.


*I checked. On the right of the Lopez box was the Aube Tapes 1992-1997 set of 20 cdrs, the second edition in the black cardboard box and paper bag which I am afraid to open. I was a bit embarrassed to have a jump from A all the way to L in this section, but have subsequently added the C.C.C.C. early works box, a couple of Richard Chartiers and some Eleh which Catherine really liked. I consider again whether I should move the cassettes here to fill it out.


Jimmy – I don’t want to bother you front of our 11 am crepes appointment but I have to ask – how is the Uchytel T1 coming along and are you 

An item appears in my office chat feature which I keep in the lower left of the screen and HW words begin to appear on my screen. A Flynn is here to see you. He says he doesn’t have an appointment and he won’t say his first name.

I need to finish the Jimmy email before I see him.

Me: Is it okay to send him to my office or should I come and get him?

HW: No one walks any more. If you can vouch for him and confirm that he has a first name I will send him through.


Thank you HW. He does. It’s FLYNN.

I need to finish the Jimmy email before FLYNN gets here so I am typing fast.   havng trble w l288

FLYNN walks in the door, I fast write to Sachin working on it sir and send.

-This is unexpected, I say.

-I would worry if you had been expecting me, he says. I had a meeting a block away and wanted to stop in and see if you were free for lunch, which I am buying even though I bought last time.

-People say crime doesn’t pay, I say to no one in particular.

-What is the occasion? I ask FLYNN.

-It’s a celebration but kind of a long story. Let me begin that you look pretty good, not like you have been working out or eating better but definitely something.

-I am running three times a week and not necessarily eating better but definitely less of it. Also, I am doing so before ten pm and sleeping between five and six hours each night which to me is like an eternity. I started the new program on Saturday so I am two days in.

-I am very happy for you!

-I no longer feel like my skin is going to run away and jump into a public fountain, which is good.

-I thought you couldn’t swim. But maybe your skin does and the rest of you is the problem.

-The fact that I don’t know that is why I should be the one celebrating and buying you lunch.

-Any accomplishment you need an entire conversation to realize you accomplished is not cause for celebration. And I can top it, he says, getting up and closing the door, almost catching HW as she slips her arm through the crack.

-A parcel just arrived for you, she says. It doesn’t look like records or cds for once. Are you getting into a new format?

Sachin is writing a message.

-When are you finally going to break down and just listen to 78s exclusively? FLYNN asks.

-My music subscription costs 15 dollars a month, HW says.

-That’s like having a relationship with FLYNN, I say. Lots of variety but the resolution is not so great.

-Plus there’s ewwwwww, she says, looking him over.

-I was made for lossless, FLYNN says to her.

-Too much MSG, says HW, holding her stop hand up and setting the parcel on my desk.

-You’re going to think about this conversation for the rest of the day, and when you do, you can picture me in this position, FLYNN says, placing his chin on his hand and looking reflective.

S Moretti is the name on the parcel. Was I discussing something with or asked for something from an S or a Moretti my mind says, sort of, and I scan my memory if there is a staffer with one of the firms we deal with that I have been forgetting who might be thinking about something we discussed. I will search them on LinkedIn before I open it.

-I won’t even remember we met, and you probably never look like that, HW says to FLYNN.

-It’s so me I literally never have to even do it.

-I’m thinking about the real you and now I have to wash my hands for the full fifteen seconds just like in the instructions, I say. I’m also squinting for some reason. Why is that?

-Aren’t you going to open it? HW asks.

-Let me think, I say. No.

-Close the door on the way out, FLYNN says to her. We don’t want any interruptions when we smoke it.

HW walks out the door and begins to swing it shut.

-I’m telling Christine, she says just before it closes.

I wince and look down at my shirt as FLYNN comes to the side of my desk and leans on the credenza.

-After I left the club, I went to my car and pulled on the handle but it didn’t unlock automatically. I checked my pockets and realized I didn’t have my keys. I didn’t have my keys because they were in my coat. And my coat was hanging on the rack at Select South.

-Gah! You had a coat? I didn’t even know. So, you caught a cab home?

-No. I didn’t want to go home. It was only midnight. I was parked just around the corner so I went back to Select because sometimes it’s open late. But when I got there the glass door was locked. I could see down that long hallway that there was a light open in the restaurant, so I thought I would knock on the door and the staff would open it for me and I could get my coat. I knocked but there was no answer, so I started knocking louder and still there was no one so I started banging on the glass and someone from the apartments across the street yelled what was I doing.

-I have never been yelled at by someone from a balcony, I say. Actually I was once and it was time to go so I left.

Sachin is no longer writing a message.

-The light was on in the place so I just kept knocking and then I started banging on the glass and yelling. The guy on the balcony was shouting that he was going to call the cops and I shouted at him to go screw himself and that I would be done faster if he shut up and I kept banging on the door. Lights are starting to come on here and there. The guy goes inside and I suppose he’s getting on the phone. I am going to take one last shot at getting inside so I bang the door with a good one and there’s this craaaaaaaaaack.

-Oh my gosh, I say. Oh, my goodness.

-And this little crack opens under my fist and I take a step away and look at it. And then it starts to spread like a spiderweb through the whole thing and there’s this long crackle as it does it. And then after a second or two, the glass just starts to slide down the door frame and it hits the ground.

I think for a moment.

-FLYNN, this isn’t a problem. You made a mistake, you can pay for the door and

-I was surprised by how quiet everything was at that moment. I could feel the warm air coming from inside. Nobody’s on the balcony. And so I ducked under the railing and I went inside.

-You broke. And then you entered. Do not enter. The sound of breaking glass is an indicator from the world that everything stops now and you need to do things differently. Catherine and I know this.

-I went down the hall, and the door to the restaurant was unlocked. I could see the rack with my coat hanging on it, so I went in and grabbed it. And then I heard a woman’s voice saying excuse me sir, you’re not supposed to be here.

I make a squeak.

-And I looked over and at the back of the restaurant there’s a woman in a cleaning company uniform. She must have been in the bathrooms or maybe the kitchen and never heard the glass break. I said, I’m sorry, I was here earlier and left my coat here and I just wanted to get it. The door was unlocked. I mean, the door was open. She said okay sir, and I turned around and went back down the hall, ducked under the handle and through the door, stepped over the glass and it’s all quiet on the street. I walked to my car, got in and drove to my appointment.

-You know what you should have done?

-He thinks. You’re right. I should have banged her.

-No! I say.

I have to think for a moment.

-You should not have, I say. She was just doing her job and she needed none of this and none of you. You should have called me or called your wife and we would have gotten you home and the next day, Select opens for lunch and you’re there bright and early.

-No way. I had places to go and this was the only I could have got there.

-It’s two cabs or two Ubers. One to the venue and another one home.

-These guys don’t like it when a cab rolls up.

-You take a cab to a convenience store a block away. That’s why they’re called convenience stores. And you walk over the place and then when it’s over you walk back and call another one.

And you get to enjoy like, a hot dog and some chocolate. It’s like a win followed by another win.

-But then I get home in a cab and I have to explain the whole thing. This way I’m out clean. That’s why we are going for lunch! Where do you want to go?

-Not the Select. You are dead there and so am I.

-You are going to have to take your mother someplace else next time she’s in town. I must get back to the office. Text me with some ideas and we can make it happen.

-Okay, I will think about it.

-FLYNN pauses for a moment. You have me worried here all of a sudden, he says. How long until you think I’m in the clear?

-Ten days. Maybe two weeks.

-I will set an appointment for us in the calender for two weeks from this moment.

-All right, later. Don’t forget your coat.

He goes to the door, opens it, looks around and turns right.

-Reception is left.

He smiles and points at me and disappears left.

I look out the window for a moment. It would be really nice if one of these windows had a cat in it, just sitting on a cat tree and looking out. I turn back on my computer and see Jimmy got back to me with a response and I copy and paste it for Michael 2 along with some extra context and then I am on to Sachin.

But first Smoretti. There’s a note and some sort of small iPod thing with headphones.

I have been thinking about what we discussed and played some Marchand and the music is very interesting and you’re right, he fits the very definition of a toxic male and I feel sorry for his wife so let’s kick him to the curb at least for a while! Here’s a file of me playing the Duo section from Hymn, Ave Maris Stella by De Grigny, from his second book which his widow published after his untimely death. Bach only copied the first book so far as we know but these hymns are very pleasant.

Just turn the device on, use the earphones and press play. It’s best if you’re sitting down when you do it.

By the way, Duncan told me your ex is the great Catherine of les biches! I never met an online celebrity ex-boyfriend before.


I will have to listen to it, but later. I have the Marie-Claire Alain De Grigny integral double lp on Erato but only listened to the first record with the first book. This can wait. Usually when a friend sends me a recording of their playing, I listen to the first 30 seconds, evaluate that and provide encouragement whatever the result. First, Sachin.

The backup docs are not in the folder. I will check with Flavia but I bet Haden never sent them as usual 

A message from FLYNN: Russian Tea Room

Da da, I write back. And then open Google Translate to write See you at noon in Russian, which comes out as Увидимся в полдень and send it back.

Nearly forgot. Thank you, Jimmy! See you at 11

At 8 AM sharp I sent him a meeting notice entitled Facts and Analysis recurring each Monday from 11 am to noon in my office and he accepted within less than thirty seconds. It blocked each of our calendars for that time.

I turn to the side and look as though I am scanning the Act while opening my device browser. Apple Music has Andre Isoir doing the Hymn, so I open it on my device and listen. You can’t get in trouble at work for listening to organ music, surely. I can see why she chose it to play. It’s about two minutes long and very simple but clean and elegant and meditative, a moving line with a calm counterpoint. Isoir dispatches it beautifully.


I turn around, check the door, go to my computer and check for messages. Sachin has written back to me, Thank you. One question – if we bump into each other, let me know before my 2 pm with the boss why we can defer 60 percent of the salary for Roman's support. I just need a couple of talking points to clarify my own thoughts on where this is going.

No one ever says they don’t need an email trail.

It’s 10:58. I am keeping my door closed. Jimmy is likely in his office with the door closed as well.

I turn back, put a paper copy of the Act and my device back on my lap, take Sophie’s device and study it. It’s a small black box about three inches long with a power button. I click the power button and the screen lights, with three touch buttons: Acquaint. Record. Play. I put the earpiece in, grab my phone and reread Sophie’s email. It’s a well-written message and the playing will be good so listen to it Michaelson. But I pause for a moment.


That was a good conversation and I want to leave it as is. I don’t want to inject disappointment into it if she plays it badly or I have to send back the usual faint praise. My mind is already writing it. Thank you for sending this very interesting   you play very   I especially liked   it was     meeting you and    thanks again. I don’t want to go there at all. I should have played the Isoir recording second or not at all.

Sophia’s intelligent though, and sent this because it worked for whatever she’s doing right now and if I listen to it, that helps advance her thing and so I should listen to it and then add to whatever her thing is. So, I go to hit play and accidentally drop her device to the floor. This is off to a bad start. I pick up the device and click Play.


A file list opens, with one item. degrigny.spk  I open it.


I am aware of the feeling of sitting in the office chair and the window in front of me and the door behind me but I am looking at a musical score open before me and I am aware of the ambiance of a large room. The score is different than a usual nine by twelve booklet that I associate with musical scores and is printed in a longer format so its longer than it is wide. It’s really bright.

I reach down and pause the file. This isn’t just a sound file, it has a visual component to it as well and it’s taken from a first person perspective. Some sort of virtual reality thing that I thought you needed one of those helmets for. I think for a moment, then open it again.

Sophia looks down at three keyboard manuals, the keys are the normal piano white and black ones. She can see the small wooden cabinets with about two dozen stop handles on either side and then looks up, so I can see she’s in a little alcove in front of the organ, brightly lit from a light just overhead, and she looks up at a large wooden section and then there are about thirty dark gray pipes of varying length sticking right out over her into the space of the church. I had always had a picture of the organist being able to see the congregation but I don’t know where I got that from because clearly the congregation sits behind her. Above those pipes, several rows of silver pipes rise about three stories way up into a vast white space, the ribs of the ceiling far away. She turns on the bench and I can see the church that sits behind her. She is on a balcony about two stories above the pews where the congregation sit, three rows with hundreds of seats leading to the altar directly opposite her. I had been thinking that she was playing a small chamber-type instrument in a smaller church.  It is a little bit chilly and I can see by her sleeves that she is wearing a pink dress with a thin black sweater, no jewelry or rings on her fingers. She turns back to the organ, the hard bench can be felt under her, and her hands touch the keys, she looks at the score again and begins to play. I can feel the cool touch of each key under the fingers on her right hand for the first notes before her right begins to play a contrasting figure in a lower register another manual. The opening is very calm but I am startled by the physicality of the sound of the organ, which I can feel going right through me in a field of sound that envelopes the entire space.  Her feet move and I am a bit discombobulated before I realize that she is playing the pedals below, which are obscured by the keyboard. I am a little concerned because I want this to go welI, and at the same time I can see with her eyes as they move across the staves on the page and her fingers and feet work the instrument. I can hear that each manual controls a different section of pipes as she moves through the elegant counterpoint of the piece. She tenses a little as she finishes one section and moves into another and I feel her shoulders relax a few notes later, and then again, but the music flows along very well without a gap and then her shoulders drop a little and I hear the familiar baroque close to the piece and then it is over. I feel her feet move, off the pedals, she exhales slightly and turns to a device similar to mine on the bench next to her to hit a red button on the screen and stop recording. Wait, it’s the same device. The entire file is two minutes and three seconds long.

I am in the office and can hear again the air and electricity in the walls and the hum of my computer. I take the earpiece off, turn my office chair back to my desk, unlock my computer and check my messages. It’s 11:04.

FLYNN. lets meet at the Joyce at noon. I have reserved a table.

He can have a beer. I am going to have a diet coke. It will be a small dinner for me tonight to compensate for the pub food.

I should go see Sachin so we can talk and he can come back if he has more questions. I open my email, enter Sophie’s email address and type You can really, really play. Thank you. and send it.

I get up and head for Sachin’s office. I will think of an answer on the way there.

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